Our Leadership:

This year, 2019, the Lord has gifted our church with a pastoral team, which has been our prayer for many years. God is faithful, indeed, and hears our prayers! Meet our Elder Team.

Our History:

Our church planter, Sidney Capillas, was commissioned with his wife, Anna, on August 28, 2011 by Sunrise Valley Baptist Church before the retirement of Rev. Ronald Shaw.  Sent out to plant a church in the city of Milpitas, Sidney and Anna were joined by fellow believers for the launching of Northside Harvest Baptist Church in the Milpitas Community Center for its first worship service in September of 2011.

Northside Harvest Baptist Church was received into fellowship by the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) in June 2012 at the National Conference held in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

Below are links to articles, now a part of our history, that we pray will let you know more about who we are.  As a background, John Greening, GARBC’s national representative (now retired), visited the Bay Area which allowed a fellowship with Sidney Capillas in 2011.  This fellowship extended to Northside’s congregation when in 2016 GARBC or Regular Baptist’s staff, John and Daria Greening, Clare Jewell, and Darrell Goemaat, joined us for Sunday worship at the Milpitas Community Center! Darrell Goemaat, photography director for Regular Baptist Press, was able to accompany on a hospice and pastoral visit with Sidney Capillas.

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (“GARBC” or Regular Baptist Churches)

Hospice and pastoral visit with Sidney Capillas

Sidney Capillas and his wife, Anna

Pastor Ron Shaw, Sending Pastor

Persevering-Northside Harvest Baptist Churc

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