Counting Blessings

An article from caught our attention today. Believers are aptly reminded to “hold our material possessions with an open hand” because we know “that God is our Provider.”  Indeed, it is easy to focus on what we do “not” have and forget the blessings we “do” have.  More importantly, we need to realize that we are called to seek after heavenly things, true treasures that will not rust, be taken away or destroyed. What are you seeking after? Will those things last and satisfy?

As a body of believers, we do praise and thank the Lord for His provision of a church office that can allow us to further the work of the ministry.  Also, we are thankful for the continued availability of the Milpitas Community Center where we have held (and continue to hold) most of our Sunday worship services.  More importantly, we are thankful for the way the Lord has been growing us in His Word as a body, deepening our relationships and drawing us to matters that matter most!

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, we welcome you to contact us. Make an appointment with us for a conversation at our church office or join us on a Sunday for our service! We do encourage you to contact us today. It’s time to start seeking after true treasures that satisfy– treasures that will never perish but last forever!

Quick snapshot of three men specifically asked to pose for this photograph at the Milpitas Community Center during our Father’s Day Service. Of these three, would you believe that one used to be a serious drug addict? And one has always been “good.” Are you able to tell which one is which? Either way, each found himself in the same predicament– no matter how “good” or how “bad.” Call us or come to find out more!

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