Bibiolata Missions

Cedar and Joy Picture

Meet Pastor Cedar Bibiolata and his wife, Sherryl Joy. Lord willing, they arrive this evening, 3/4/16, from the Philippines!  We are so grateful for our Filipino brethren who were willing to lend them to us for a short-term missions trip to our city of Milpitas, California.  As you will find in the 2010 census, Asians constitute 62.2% of our city’s population, with Filipinos as the largest Asian group!

We do look to the Lord for courage and open doors as we try to reach out to the Filipinos and the various ethnic communities in our city, and do thank the Lord of the Harvest for the prayers of His people!

Pastor Cedar and Joy’s return flight to the Philippines is 5/31/16, just one day short of 90 days with us.  As much as they were willing to lend Pastor Cedar and Joy to us, we’re sure our Filipino brethren are as much excited to have them back, counting the days for their return!


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