• TO BUILD REAL RELATIONSHIPS-- By God's grace, we aim to have a genuine and growing relationship with God and with each other through Jesus Christ

  • TO LIVE AS FAITHFUL WITNESSES-- By God's grace, we endeavor to proclaim, in word, and live out, in deed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

  • TO TEACH AND PREACH BY EXPOSITION-- By God's grace, we study diligently to clearly and faithfully teach the whole counsel of God

Our Mission is to Glorify God.

Having been saved by God through Christ Jesus for His glory, we worship Him through a life of obedience and faithful stewardship, endeavoring by His grace to proclaim the Gospel according to God’s Word, the Bible, the final and sole authority of our faith and practice. We evangelize and disciple, building up each other in the Word, in the faith, in prayer, fellowship and service, doing good unto all as we have opportunity.