For Next Halloween (or Any Occasion!):

Each year, we’ve made it our practice to create costumes for ourselves as we wait inside our home.  The doorbell rings. We open the door. We give candy. But much more than candy. We give out “The Story” booklets! And this year, the new addition is a link to a short film for children: (Thank you, Rhoda, for the artwork, “Tract and Treat!”). This link is also good for sharing with party souvenirs or birthday party giveaways!

For Thanksgiving (or Open Doors!): and

For some, holidays that ought to bring joy actually stir up pain or sorrow.  Oceans separate loved ones… debilitating illness… or perhaps, death.  Chances are, someone you know have questions. Hard questions. Chances are they need hope. Real hope. For those of us who have Christ, we know the answer. Sometimes, though, we fail to live out what we know. Let’s pray, therefore, for one another.  Pray for open doors.  Pray that we’ll be strong and of good courage to go through those doors! Pray we’ll make it our aim to give real joy.  Go. Share Christ.

For Christmas (or Any Day!): and The Story Film

It amazes us that more and more, individuals we meet have little or no knowledge about the Bible. They have questions, want quick answers, and a good number of them prefer YouTube. Let’s pray that these links may be useful when we meet such individuals. Let’s at least plant a seed. Then, pray for an opportunity to go deeper as you build a relationship with them. It may take time. Be patient (like a farmer who waits for harvest).

The Good News

Important Note: As of 1/19/2020, the above links offer free resources available for download or online viewing. Hard copies and other resources may be purchased. Of course, no resource is perfect; and, although we have previewed the abovementioned links to date, please note that you should always check the content first before passing on to others (as there are times when links become inactive or they may change over time in terms of content).  Whenever and to the greatest extent possible, it is always best to share Christ using your Bible or by giving one! After all, it is God’s Word that is sharper than any two-edged sword; and, it’s error-free.

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