Sidney Capillas

Chaplain Sidney Capillas is the fourth of six children, serving as a pastor and church planter since the Lord called him out of premed into a seminary. With God’s provision of employment in hospice care, Pastor Sidney was enabled to plant what is now NorthsideHBC—all by the grace of our faithful God. In answer to prayer for more laborers, the Lord has brought together a pastoral team, with Pastor Cedar as lead, while Sidney takes on a new role as an administrative elder. At present, he is engaged in doctoral studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, praying for successful completion, having become burdened for preachers, particularly abroad, who desire and are in need of sound theological training.

Personality-wise, he can often be heard saying, “persevere to the very end;” and he is joined by this pursuit to follow Christ by those he holds dear—his wife, Anna (his forever best friend), his children (his jamming-session trio and tackle buddies), and the church (Christ’s precious bride). Aside from being ecstatic every time he vacuums with “the Shark” he acquired at a deep discount, the little things that Sidney enjoys about ministering in the Silicon Valley include:

  • Anything coffee with half and half; or, coffee mocha (Try Coffee for Thriving Churches!)
  • Luisa & Son Bakeshop (to bring home goodies for his family, although his diet restricts him from anything TOO delicious himself!) and the newly opened Trader Joe’s in Milpitas (for his health!)
  • The Coyote Creek Trail (although he prefers walking on street sidewalks!); and, the Levi’s Stadium (although he has only watched football from the screen!).