April 25, 2021 NorthsideHBC

Title: The Necessity of Christ’s Resurrection: 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Title: The Necessity of Christ’s Resurrection: 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

The truth of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a foundational element in the believer’s life. Without it, there is no salvation at all. Without it, every aspect of the believer’s life and what he does are all useless. Everything that a child of God believes is ALL in vain, because he believes and serves and worships a dead Savior.

But we praise God that that is not true! Christ was raised from the dead (1 Cor. 15:4) and we are worshiping and serving a risen, living Savior. And because of His resurrection, there is an assurance that those who are dead (and will die) in Christ, will also be raised to life when Christ comes again (1 Cor. 15:20).

One necessary truth concerning Christ’s resurrection is the fact that that there needs to be a change, a transformation from a perishable(flesh and blood) body to an imperishable(glorified) one. Because there is no way that our present body would be able to contain and endure when we are exposed to the magnificence and grandeur of the glory of a thrice holy God, let alone be accepted before Him with this present perishable body.

The reason that our present bodies will perish, is because of death. And the reason for death is because of sin. The reason for sin is man’s impotence and powerlessness in perfectly obeying ALL of God’s laws. Man is simply incapacitated to obey all of God’s laws perfectly. There is ZERO chance that man is able to do it. NONE!

But there is someone Who did just that. And He is the ONLY ONE capable and able to do what NO ONE could. He didn’t just “tried” to be good and live perfectly, He “lived perfectly” and even without sin (Hebrews 4:15). And that is the victory that was wrought by our Lord Jesus Christ. He not only lived a sinless, perfect life, but in His resurrection, He conquered sin and the grave.

And this is the hope that we have because of Christ, that someday, just as Christ was raised from the dead into a changed(glorified) body, we too will be raised into an imperishable body that will no longer suffer decay, or illness or death. But most importantly, to be with our Savior, worshiping Him and serving Him and communing with Him throughout eternity.