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Jesus: The Believer’s Inheritance

Jesus: The Believer’s Inheritance

It is fascinating to observe when people talk about inheritance, ones mind would immediately cater properties, wills, houses, jewelries, and other material things. All of which are centered on material temporal things.


In 1 Peter 1:4, although The Apostle Peter used the term “inheritance” once in his letter, Apostle Paul on the other hand, mentioned this term in his letters several times. (Eph_1:14, Eph_1:18, Eph_5:5, Col_3:24,) But what is so significant about this particular emphasis of Peter? After all, he made a brief description of the inheritance (verse 4-5) a believer will obtain now that he is part of God’s family.


The term “inheritance” is not something new among Jewish ears. Going back to the OT, when God divided the promised land among the 12 tribes of Israel, every tribe received a portion of the land as their inheritance, except for the tribe of Levi…”the priestly tribe”. They were the only tribe that didn’t get one. God’s reason for doing so is interesting. The LORD made it very clear, that even though they (Levi tribe) did not have a portion of the land as their inheritance, the LORD will be their portion. The LORD will be their inheritance.(Deut. 10:9)


Even though on several occasions in the New Testament, the use of the term inheritance could refer to heaven, to eternal life, to salvation, and everything that God has ordained for His people. But there is ONE unifying factor of ALL these truths, and that is the person and the work of Christ. It is pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as the believer’s inheritance.


Similar to what God is to the tribe of Levi, Christ also is to the believers. And since Christ is the believer’s portion, it means God’s people have everything (2 Peter 1:3). There is nothing lacking in the believer’s life because of this truth. There is therefore no reason for worry, or to be anxious, because Christ is his all in all. The believer’s happiness also is demonstrated

and determined, and is not dependent on the circumstances but in his relationship to Christ.  

And it is because of this truth that the believer’s hope is in the Lord.

(Lamentations 3:24)

24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance (portion); therefore, I will hope in him!” -NLT


Fellow believers, when we consider our eternal inheritance, may we never focus on the place (heaven) or other wonderful things (eternal life)…but may we focus our eyes on the person – the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the believer’s inheritance.