Zephaniah – “Seek the Lord, all ye humble of the earth”


God always accomplishes His purpose at the right time. During one of the crucial periods in the history of the nation of Judah, the Lord sent His prophet Zephaniah. The result was one of the greatest revivals in Biblical history.

Zephaniah, whose name means “the Lord hides,” ministered to a spiritually needy people. Under the rule of ungodly and wicked kings, the nation of Judah was in desperate need of a godly leader who will bring them back to Yahweh. Zephaniah was the prophet whom God used to stir the heart of King Josiah (2 Chronicles 34:3-8-35:19).

In addition to a prophetic message of judgment on Judah and its neighboring nations, Zephaniah urged the people to call on the Lord. In his call for them to humble themselves before Yahweh (Zephaniah 2:3), King Josiah responded. For this reason, the Lord brought blessing and revival to him and to his kingdom (2 Chronicles 34:26-28).

Humility is necessary if one is to come to the Lord. The Lord lifts up the humble (James 4:10) and gives grace to those who humble themselves before Him (Proverbs 3:34; James 4:6). Are we living a humble life before God? Or are we filled with pride and self that there is no right recognition of God in your life? I urge you—humble yourself before the Almighty Who alone deserves worship and praise.

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